VoiceBase Launches Predictive Analytics for Spoken Interactions

VoiceBase, a provider of speech APIs, has released Insights, an advanced call analytics solution.

Insights, which is built on VoiceBase's transcription engine, uses machine learning and predictive analytics technology to make sense of human voice interactions for business processes automation. By leveraging big data techniques within the voice channel VoiceBase can now surface a deeper understanding of what is said, such as the client's intent or an agent's behavior.

Telmetrics, a call analytics and attribution technology provider for digital marketers, plans to leverage VoiceBase Insights in its call tracking solution.

"We believe VoiceBase Insights has the potential to unveil a deeper, much sought-after layer of speech analytics, that up until now has been inaccessible," said C.J. Arseneau, vice president of marketing at Telmetrics, in a statement. "For marketers who drive calls to local businesses, accurate lead scoring on every call, unhindered by human capacity and cost, is game changing."

Using pre-tagged calls to train its proprietary machine learning algorithms, VoiceBase creates customized predictive models, capable of detecting complex events.

"Our Big Voice approach, consisting of thousands of columns of data, enables VoiceBase customers to extract valuable information with a high degree of confidence from telephony-grade recordings that are often low in quality," said Walter Bachtiger, founder and CEO of VoiceBase, in a statement. "This level of analytics is far superior to traditional keyword-based solutions, which are highly vulnerable to noise and accents."

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