VoiceGenie, Voxeo and Audium Announce SpeechOne Alliance

TORONTON, ON; ORLANDO, FL; NEW YORK, NY - VoiceGenie Technologies, a VoiceXML Gateway solutions provider, Voxeo Corporation, the provider of integrated voice solutions and services, and Audium, the developer of VoiceXML application technologies, announced their new SpeechOne Alliance at the Kelsey Group VOX2002 Conference in San Francisco, CA. The new partnership further drives speech-driven technology standards by combining the specific offerings of the three companies into one voice services solution package. Highlights of the SpeechOne(TM) Alliance include: A joint offering of VoiceGenie's on-premises VoiceXML Gateway, Voxeo's IP-based Voice Hosting Network, and Audium's Voice Application Platform (Audium 3) for rapid creation and deployment of VoiceXML applications and application development professional services. SpeechOne customers will have access to each partner's products, services, and technologies through one single sales channel. Each partner will ensure interoperability between the products. Independent of how customers want to deploy their next-generation telephony applications, whether on- premises or in-network, the SpeechOne Alliance provides a solution. Whether they want to build their own advanced VoiceXML applications using advanced tools or purchase custom-built applications, the SpeechOne Alliance provides a solution. The three companies have differentiated themselves in the market as supporting open standards, such as VoiceXML, CCXML, and SALT, rather than locking customers in to proprietary IVR or proprietary VoiceXML environments. "The formation of the SpeechOne(TM) Alliance represents the dawning of a new day for the Voice Industry," says Jonathan Taylor, CEO of Voxeo Corporation. "In keeping with the focus of our work and technological developments, and in staying focused on our customers and how we can help them succeed, we realized that we had to offer complete, pre-packaged solutions. By combining the expertise of three industry leaders in their respective areas, this new partnership allows us to provide a more integrated and comprehensive solution than any of our competitors." "The SpeechOne(TM) Alliance is all about the best open-standards voice technology that does not try to lock customers in with proprietary hooks," explains Stuart Berkowitz, President and CEO of VoiceGenie Technologies Inc. "With over 200 customers and 15,000 VoiceXML Developers using our products today, future customers will benefit from the combined real-world deployments we've put our products through over the past two years." "The SpeechOne(TM) Alliance's focused solutions apply next-generation voice technologies to real-world business challenges in order to promote anytime, anywhere communication between the enterprise and its customers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors," states Michael Bergelson, President and Co- Founder of Audium. "While other companies have spread themselves thin trying to offer everything, our three companies have concentrated on our core products and can offer best-in-class joint solutions that integrate seamlessly."
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