VoiceVault Delivers New Levels of Voice Biometric Accuracy

VoiceVault has released the next generation of its voice biometric speaker verification engine.

The new voice biometric engine delivers a false accept rate of 0.01 percent and a false reject rate of less than 5 percent. With these levels of accuracy, organizations can deploy solutions that incorporate multifactor identity verification processes using voice biometrics, knowing that they are achieving the highest levels of security and user convenience while avoiding the need for users to have to remember passwords.

VoiceVault solutions raise the accuracy bar to a new level with a verifiable equal error rate (EER) of only 0.1 percent, compared to a typical EER of around 2 percent in other voice biometric deployments.

This level of accuracy has been shown in VoiceVault's real-world financial services application, used for authorizing high-value financial transactions on a smartphone, where voice biometrics is part of a four-factor security solution.

"We work with many large healthcare and financial services institutions that demand very high levels of security in their speaker verification solutions," said Nick Wise, VoiceVault's CTO, in a statement. "With this release, VoiceVault continues to meet the challenges they set and defines the standard for what voice biometrics need to deliver in order to gain acceptance in demanding high-security applications, such as mobile banking."

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