WIN Selects HTK

WIN, a provider of mobile messaging and multimedia services, entered a partnership with HTK that will enable WIN to deliver convergent mobile data and voice solutions to its international client base.

WIN selected HTK to provide a solution for adding converged voice solutions to its wireless data services.

HTK will host the IVR infrastructure but allow WIN to remotely design, build, and deploy its own voice applications.  Through the HTK Portal Web-based management tool, WIN has complete access to an application development suite and IVR capability.

WIN developers can use drag-and-drop tools to build services that leverage the VoiceXML standard, including speech recognition and text-to-speech synthesis. Once completed, the HTK Portal can be used by WIN to deploy, test, and commission their IVR products - as if the IVR platform was on their own premises. 

IVR applications are integrated with WIN's mobile data platform - WINCast - using Web Services.

By adopting the HTK Open Service IVR solution, WIN has entered the voice market with a proposition for its existing client base as well as attracting new clients.

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