Witness Systems Extends Call Visualization Capabilities

ORLANDO and ATLANTA - Witness Systems (NASDAQ: WITS) announced new integration that helps contact center management search through customer interactions to spot trends, patterns and anomalies that will provide sales and service directors with insight into the effectiveness of their operations. By visually representing the key call attributes that the eQuality® software automatically collects from all customer interactions regardless of whether an organization records all or only selective contacts users can rapidly identify individual or groups of customer interactions for further analysis.


The new integration between the company's eQuality Balance (business-driven, multimedia customer interaction recording) and eQuality Vision (call visualization) applications enables users to access and analyze all customer call attributes adding quality monitoring to the existing high-volume, compliance recording integration. As a result, forward-thinking companies can rapidly search through customer interactions to identify specific groups of calls from a database of thousands and then apply powerful data visualization and analysis on those interactions and their attributes.


The eQuality Balance customer interaction recording solution can trigger recording and capture specified contact types based on business rules that users pre-define as most critical to their operating performance such as contacts involving key customers, new marketing campaigns, specific products and select agents. The software also captures and retains all call attributes regardless of whether 100 percent of interactions are actually being recorded making the integrated offering a valuable tool for a broad range of users, including quality assurance leaders, contact center supervisors and customer service executives.


Because the eQuality software retains all call characteristics from standard holds and transfers to custom attributes like customer, campaign and product IDs users can perform detailed analysis and trending. For example, a supervisor reviewing team performance in real-time might wish to identify which team members are responsible for a rise in the volume of transfers, and more importantly, understand the reason behind it. A customer service director concerned about first call resolution might be interested in reviewing repeat calls from the same customers to understand the "root causes" driving those contacts. A sales director might be interested in identifying interactions that resulted in an upsell, looking for particularly successful agents, customer groups, special offers/campaigns, or even specific timeframes that more noticeably support that trend.


eQuality Vision provides a data visualization overview of calls with an interface that displays multiple interactions as colored blocks whose length represents the duration of the call. Using the call attributes collected from 100 percent of customer interaction activity, users can then color code calls based on particular business conditions. This makes it easy to spot the interactions that exhibit particular characteristics to determine whether they match specific agent performance or particular call types/attributes, such as the number of holds, transfers, and sales or complaints. Users can adjust the parameters to narrow searches and follow particular lines of investigation, before ultimately replaying customer interactions. The solution identifies call attributes automatically, providing insight into opportunities for improving contact center efficiency and effectiveness.

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