INI IDReset Optimized for LumenVox Automated Speech Recognizer

Interactive Northwest, Inc. (INI), developer of interactive voice response (IVR) and contact center integration software, has integrated its INI IDReset, a self-service password reset solution, with the most recent versions of the LumenVox Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Automated Speech Recognizer (ASR).

"This suite of applications opens up new avenues for INI, LumenVox, and our valued business partners to expand into the IT helpdesk market with a very compelling offer," said Gary Van Gordon, vice president of INI, in a statement. "Numerous studies over the last decade have shown that the typical helpdesk can shave 20 percent to 30 percent off their annual budget by automating the password reset process."

INI IDReset allows users to reset their Active Directory passwords by Web site or by phone without the assistance of a helpdesk agent. The highly secure voice interface uses LumenVox speech recognition technology to capture responses to a series of dynamic, personal challenge questions created by the user during enrollment. After the user has been authenticated, a temporary password is generated and provided to the user. The voice application also leverages LumenVox TTS to speak variable information, such as an alphanumeric user ID, to the caller. INI IDReset is preconfigured for LumenVox; once deployed, administrators simply configure the desired number of challenge questions and the application is ready to receive user calls.

"INI is a valued partner for LumenVox with an expertise and experience in designing and deploying automated speech solutions," said Lisa Cowan, vice president of sales and business development at LumenVox, in a statement. "Our partnership with INI demonstrates how LumenVox fully delivers on our strategy to speech-enable high-quality, partner-developed solutions for the self-service market."

"LumenVox has been an invaluable resource and partner in shaping the voice component of INI IDReset," said Maria Simonton, director of new product development at INI, in a statement. "The pinpoint accuracy of the speech recognizer ensures a very natural and satisfying experience for callers, which is the hallmark of our commitment to our partners and their customers."

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