NICE to Unveil Inform Audio Analytics

NICE Systems later this week will introduce NICE Inform Audio Analytics.

NICE Inform Audio Analytics offers precise, fast searching and categorization of audio content using key words and phrases. It works with audio recordings from 9-1-1 calls, body-worn cameras, and other communications with emergency services personnel.

For example, the solution can help uncover investigation leads by using keywords to find and retrieve calls that were part of a build-up to an incident. Also, quality assurance managers can search by key words or phrases to identify calls relating to specific types of incidents, and to ensure that proper protocols are being followed.

As identified words are indexed, audio recordings are then assigned to one or more user-specified categories based on the words or phrases found. This helps in quickly pinpointing calls relevant to a specific investigation, or in identifying quality assurance or compliance issues.

"The proliferation of big data in policing is a major trend and significant challenge," said Chris Wooten, executive vice president of the NICE Security Group, in a statement. "With more and more digital media to analyze, now including video and audio from body-worn cameras, public safety and security operations will increasingly turn to analytics to gain valuable situational awareness and identify critical evidence."

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