AppTek Adds Speech Rec to Vorsight ExecVision

AppTek is providing the automatic speech recognition (ASR) for Vorsight's new ExecVision, which was released Aug. 3.

Vorsight's ExecVision is an all-in-one conversation intelligence solution used to transcribe call recordings and integrate with CRM to find, analyze, score, coach, and share calls in the cloud.

Vorsight is leveraging AppTek's advanced ASR technology to develop a process to mine and produce voice analytics on its cloud-based call platform.

"Let's face it, if you aren't listening to your team's phone conversations at the call level, you are just guessing," said David Stillman, CEO of Vorsight, in a statement. "Our mission is to transform the way executives understand their businesses, to improve business conversations and the people who have them, and to turn calls into actionable data to provide executives with insights that they never knew were possible."

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