AppTek, a provider of automatic speech recognition (ASR), machine learning, and artificial intelligence, is teaming up with AD Digital, a Brazilian company specializing in media solutions for commercial and government sectors.

AppTek’s speech technology offerings will add to AD Digital's product portfolio. With the integration of AppTek's deep learning ASR engines with other applications, AD Digital can provide custom solutions for live automatic closed captioning, transcription, and archiving.

"AppTek brings the technology and added value we need for the most demanding markets," said Hugo Nasciemento, technology director at AD Digital, in a statement. "Public sectors in Brazil are going through a major transformation toward digitalization, and the integration of AppTek's media solutions differentiates us from the competition."

"We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with AD Digital. Our speech technology paired with their applications and market expertise will create exciting new opportunities in Brazil," said Adam Sutherland, AppTek's CEO, in a statement.