New Voice-Powered Game Launches on Amazon Alexa

Video game developer Michael Cranford has launched a role-playing game exclusively for the Amazon Alexa voice service. Shadow Realm is the first in a series of products released by Days Fly, Cranford's application development company.

Shadow Realm immerses players in a world of magic, treasure, dragons, combat, and puzzles on their way to solving a great quest. It is controlled entirely by voice through one of Amazon's new devices.

"The Alexa voice service allows you to engage the world around you using your voice. But it's so much more," Cranford said in a statement. "It's the thing that ties everything in your life together simply by talking. Entertainment and gaming are just one part of that. With Alexa, you and your family can sit in a common place and explore a world together. Picture the radio shows that your grandparents and great-grandparents grew up on, where they would sit enthralled every evening, using their imagination to experience the worlds that were brought to them by words. With Alexa, you can engage those worlds interactively and seamlessly, without logging into a screen. I'm developing new worlds to explore using words."

According to Cranford, Days Fly is developing numerous games and educational products for Alexa to be ready early next year.

"Studios can release their movies as interactive adventures, with streaming voice clips and sound effects, so that people can interact with the characters and storylines. We can take a movie or television show or any other digital product, including a video game, and make it a voice-controlled interactive experience," Cranford said. "Amazon is changing the world with these new devices. We're committed to making it happen."

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