Project Revoice Recreates ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Founder's Voice For Him

The ALS Association announced the launch of "Project Revoice," an international initiative to help people with ALS [also known as Motor Neurone Disease] record their voices so they still use their "voice" after they lose their ability to speak. The new technology, powered by the Canadian company Lyrebird, can recreate high-quality voices with only a few hours of "voice banking." 

To demonstrate the power of this innovation, Project Revoice has given Pat Quinn, co-founder of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a recreation of his voice. Pat did not record (or bank) his voice before ALS robbed him of his ability to speak, but using footage from his many Ice Bucket Challenge interviews, Project Revoice was able to clone his voice. 

Project Revoice is now working to encourage ALS/MND communities around the world to record their voices so they can be digitally recreate in the future using the innovative new voice cloning technology from Lyrebird. The company's deep learning algorithms create artificial voices that sound more natural. Using just two to three hours of high-quality audio recordings, this model can synthesize the essence of a voice and build a complete digital recreation. Project Revoice linked this tech with eye reader assistive technology to enable Pat Quinn to deliver words in his original, unique voice, rather than a 'machine' voice.

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