Sonde Health Announces Patents Covering Methods of Detecting Vocal Biomarkers in Physical or Psychological Conditions

Sonde Health Inc., an affiliate of PureTech Health developing a voice-based technology platform for monitoring and diagnosing mental and physical medical conditions, announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and Intellectual Property Australia (IP Australia) have issued U.S. Patent No. 9,936,914 and Australian Patent No. 2014374349. The U.S. patent, which provides coverage until 2032, is focused on extracting proprietary acoustic features from targeted segments of speech to measure vocal biomarkers for physical or psychological conditions. The patent issued by IP Australia broadly covers the use of vocal biomarker technology to detect physical or psychological conditions in the human body and provides coverage until 2034. These technologies may potentially be used to detect a range of conditions including major depressive disorder (MDD), Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis, among others. Both patents are exclusively licensed under an agreement with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Sonde’s proprietary voice-based technology, being developed internally, has been tested in over 3,000 subjects for the detection of neurophysiological conditions, such as depressive disorders. Sonde’s platform is designed to enable voice-interactive devices, including smartphones, to detect and quantify a rapidly growing number of health-related features through subtle characteristic changes in the voice.

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