LumenVox, VoiceTrust Merge, Offer Full-Suite of Speech Tech Biometrics

LumenVox  and VoiceTrust a re merging their businesses in what Neil MacDonald, chief commercial officer, calls a true merger of equals to provide customers with a full suite of speech technology speech biometric solutions. “Unlike many mergers where one company takes over another, we don’t have overlapping businesses, but complementary ones,” MacDonald explains. “We (VoiceTrust) will be maintaining our operations here and LumenVox will maintain their operations as well.”

So no layoffs are expected as a result of the combined business operations.

As a result of the merger, MacDonald says, customers of the combined company will now have one-stop access for their speech technology needs, rather than going to one company for the core speech interface solutions that LumenVox provides and the multi-modal biometric authentication that VoiceTrust has specialized in.

LumenVox’s technologies include Speech Recognizer, Text-to-Speech Engine, Call Progress Analysis, and Speech Tuner as well as natural language solutions that are used in various healthcare, automotive, financial services, hospitality, logistics, and telecom operations in the United States and overseas. The products feature easy integration with existing software and can be used across multiple platforms in several different languages.

VoiceTrust is ISO 9001 and Common Criteria certified for multi-modal biometric solutions consulting, solution deployments and customer support, with customers in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

By using VoiceTrust’s multi-factor authentication solution, enterprises can authenticate users, clients, or employees worldwide. By offering voice-, face-, and knowledge-based identity verification solutions, the company offers one place for banks, insurance companies, call centers, hospitals, automotive companies, and telecom providers to go for highly reliable authentication capabilities, MacDonald says, adding that VoiceTrust technology provides the highest security standards to meet the needs of highly regulated industries, including financial services companies, hospitals and transportation centers.

The combined company will benefit as well, according to MacDonald, because the complimentary businesses should foster accelerated growth by offering new and advanced features that the partnership expects to be able to provide.

“We will rank among the top global companies in our field and will offer global sales and marketing complemented by a partner ecosystem that amplifies our strength, value proposition, and market reach,” said Voicetrust CEO, Bettina Stearn, in a prepared statement.

Another benefit, according to MacDonald, is the scale that the merger provides – giving the combined company more resources and better access to funding, both of which will help the company innovate and invest in research and development. “With the combination of LumenVox and Voicetrust we create a truly global provider of best-in-class speech and multifactor authentication solutions,” said LumenVox CEO Ed Miller, in a prepared statement. “Through this unique combination we enable our customers to maximize return on investment and meet the highest standards of customer experience, productivity and security.”

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