SPi Global Launches Dubbing Solution

SPi Global, a content technology and solutions provider, announced the release of SmartDub, a solution that enhances Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology to generate synthetic voices creating a more natural and immersive experience for users.

As Voice Technology continues to expand across industries with a significant impact on our daily lives, scalable production of time-synchronized voice-over becomes a growing challenge. Synthetic voices are often preferred to traditional voice-over methods due to their flexible production cycles and overall lower cost. SmartDub lands squarely between these two choices. It uses cutting edge technology based on AI processing of synthetic voices, combined with the latest developments in voice morphology applied to TTS. This new solution relies on the generation of phonemes to create words and sentences, allowing for improved accuracy in pronunciation and enhanced alignment with geographical and cultural preferences.

The semi-automated processing functions available in SmartDub enable wider ranges of voice processing than traditional human sound bites. Furthermore, the repeatability of processes enables scalable automation resulting in reduced production cycles, lower overall costs, and improved time-to-market.

This solution allows users to focus on content/gameplay rather than subtitles, thereby providing a more relaxing and immersive experience, eliminating the disconnect caused by the lag in engagement from reading subtitles. SmartDub helps brands expand into markets previously untapped due to accessibility constraints. It also contributes to a better user experience by removing the challenge of reading subtitles on smaller mobile screens.

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