Agora.io Partners with Doki Doki to Develop Voice Apps

Agora.io, a voice, video, and live interactive streaming platform provider, is partnering with Doki Doki, a voice technology company, to work with South African National Council for the Blind to bring its Dabel video streaming app to blind users in underserved regions of Africa.

"At Agora we believe that everyone, everywhere should have access to reliable internet connectivity to engage and interact in online communities with their friends, families and peers," said Reggie Yativ, chief operations officer at Agora, in a statement "Real-time communications using SDRTN transcends barriers and difficulties and helps overcome physical boundaries to enable engagement with each other in critical moments when face-to-face communication simply isn't possible. By leveraging our real-time communications network and embedding our voice and video SDKs into web, desktop, and mobile applications, developers can create online experiences that are inclusive of everyone."

By leveraging Agora's real-time communications network and voice SDK, Dabel has created a place where users can express themselves with real-time voice features.

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