Deepgram Adds Real-Time Streaming and On-Premises Deployments

Speech recognition company Deepgram today introduced Real-Time Streaming, which lets customers analyze and transcribe speech as words are being spoken, and On-Premises Deployment, which provides a private, deployable instance of the platform for use cases involving confidential, regulated, or sensitive audio data.

Use cases for Real-Time Streaming, according to Scott Stephenson, Deepgram's CEO, are long-running real-time transcription for meeting platforms, powering real-time agent assist for call center agents to achieve more effective customer service, and command-and-control interactions like dictating doctor's notes or ordering takeout from a restaurant.

On-Premises Deployment, Stephenson said, "delivers the same scalable, high-performance, high-accuracy speech recognition capability as the Deepgram cloud, while allowing enterprises to manage the solution on premises."

These new products coincide with the completion of a $12 million funding round led by Wing VC, with participation from NVIDIA, Y Combinator, Compound, and SAP.iO.

"Enterprise communication amounts to hundreds of trillions of minutes annually, but making sense of what's being said is technically challenging and cost-prohibitive," said Zach DeWitt, a partner at Wing VC, in a statement. "Deepgram is building mission-critical infrastructure to empower enterprises to accurately transcribe and analyze their calls and meetings in real time, across multiple accents and languages. Deepgram is helping companies better serve their customers and employees by unlocking unutilized voice datasets."

"One of the next big frontiers in the AI revolution is conversational intelligence," said Jeff Herbst, vice president of business development at NVIDIA, in a statement. "Deepgram is doing ground-breaking work in this field, and we are delighted to be working closely with them. Their world class GPU-accelerated speech recognition enables faster, more accurate natural language processing that will make an important impact on a range of industries."

"As SAP drives toward combining experience data with operational data, Deepgram's unique ability to automate transcription and intent recognition from voice conversations with high accuracy enables companies to provide a high quality customer experience," said Ram Jambunathan, managing director of SAP.iO, in a statement. "We're excited about Deepgram's potential to enable rich, voice-based insights for SAP customers."

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