Azoomee and Da Vinci Media Partner with Transperfect for Translation and Dubbing

Azoomee and Da Vinci Media have chosen TransPerfect, a provider of language and technology solutions, to translate and dub seven original children's productions into Italian and Spanish as part of an effort to expand into new markets.

Azoomee and Da Vinci Media together provide educational videos and games via mobile apps, TV apps, and TV channels. When a partnership with Vodafone created the opportunity to release the Azoomee app in Italy and Spain,the two companies chose TransPerfect's MediaNEXT solutions to dub and translate their productions.

The MediaNEXT tools offered Azoomee and Da Vinci Media a hybrid recording approach. While the voice actors went into a studio to record the Italian localization, the Spanish talent used cloud-streaming StudioNEXT technology to record professional-quality content from their homes.

TransPerfect worked with Azoomee and Da Vinci Media to translate and dub seven children's series:Crafty Art, Da Vinci Innovation Labs, Down to Earth, Maths Is All Around Us, Smart Science,Hands Up!, Marvellous Makes, and Search it Up!

"We are delighted to work with TransPerfect MediaNEXT," said Tom Naylor, deputy chief operations officer of Azoomee, in a statement. "It was critical for us that Italian and Spanish translations of our original series were available for new market launches. The high-quality results, quick turnaround, and professional service we received are indicative of why we chose to work with TransPerfect MediaNEXT."

"To deliver educational video content to its 60 million children around the world, Azoomee and Da Vinci Media needed flexible localization and recording studio options. We're pleased that MediaNEXT's hybrid recording model allows them to efficiently reach new audiences,"TransPerfect President and CEO Phil Shawe said in a statement.

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