Dubber Launches a Slew of Voice Intelligence Solutions

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Dubber today announced a total of 12 new products and solutions, more than tripling its voice intelligence offerings.

At the heart of today's announcement are three new core solutions designed to give business and government customers flexible, affordable options to capture and use voice intelligence, from recordings to transcriptions to sentiment analysis. They include the following:

  • Dubber You for unified call recording;
  • Dubber Teams for managers and leaders needing central review and control over recordings and data for sales, service, and customer insights; and
  • Dubber Premier, which unlocks all Dubber functionality, including transcriptions, alerts, and notifications, and the ability to integrate Dubber with business intelligence and CRM applications.

"Unified call recording is critical to achieving the compliance, revenue, and customer insights demanded by business and government today,"said James Slaney, Dubber's chief operations officer, in a statement. "More than 80 percent of crucial conversations with customers and employees take place using voice. Not having access to accurate, compliant records in real-time puts leaders at a serious disadvantage. Dubber addresses that by unlocking the insights in every conversation."

Dubber also is now allowing users to expand any package with add-ons, including the following:

  • UCR Service Add-on Pack, to add services with a click so users can review and manage recordings, transcriptions, and data in one place;
  • Dubber API, to connect Dubber recordings and data to applications, storage, and dashboards;
  • Dubber Call Recording Archive, for redundant and secure storage of all call recordings and data with Dubber Storage and to back up voice data in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, including recordings and data from other sources; and
  • Dubber for Salesforce, allowing users to add Dubber recordings, metadata, transcriptions, and sentiment insights to Salesforce records.

Dubber also announced today several solutions for compliance, legal, security, risk, and audit teams. They include the following:

  • Dubber UCR Compliance Edition for compliance leaders who need to manage, monitor, store, and review conversations. Recordings and data from multiple sources can be captured, stored, searched, and reviewed in Dubber in real time.
  • Dubber Premier Compliance Edition, which enables compliance teams of up to 10 people to benefit from AI-enriched insights, alerts, search, and sentiment analysis. Additional features include transcriptions, legal hold and discovery, and, smart keyword, team, and customer search.
  • Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud Compliance Edition for compliance teams that only seek to record calls and then store and unify data in a single source of truth.

With Dubber's unified call recording specifically for compliance, companies can capture recordings immediately in one location from all their voice, video, and text services, including the 140 service provider networks connected to the Dubber platform globally.

"Compliance is driving significant demand for capturing conversational content - messaging, chat and video - across any application or end-point," Slaney added. "Delivering an immutable record of every crucial conversation is essential and demanded by regulators globally. With COVID, the pressure to capture conversations across a multitude of endpoints, from existing service provider services through to Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, has only accelerated. Unified call recording makes what used to be a complex task easy."

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