Ada Expands Language and NLU Support

Customer service technology provider Ada today launched a suite of product features that support global expansion, as well as a full rebrand. Enhancements to Ada's platform will help companies scale their digital operations and connect with their customers wherever and whenever they need.

New features include the following:

  • Language-agnostic natural language understanding (NLU), to improve the understanding and intent recognition of multilingual customers and let companies train their bots directly in local languages. Companies can train the conversational AI in one language and deploy in more than 100 others, or they can directly train it in the local language and add brand-specific translations or common utterances.
  • Support for right-to-left like Arabic and Hebrew across Ada web chat UI.
  • Omnichannel extensions that let businesses deploy conversational AI in Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and Instagram DM..
  • A/B testing to run experiments, track results, and leverage learnings to optimize performance

In addition to these platform updates, Ada is also partnering with contact center platform provider Talkdesk, to expand handoff use cases from email tickets and live chat to the contact center.

"With the addition of Ada to Talkdesk AppConnect, businesses can now quickly and easily integrate best-in-class automation-first AI chatbot technology into their contact center solution to further enhance the experiences they provide their customers while leveraging those experiences to create a competitive advantage," said Robert Gavin, vice president of Aalliances and technology partners at Talkdesk, in a statement.

"In the increasingly crowded CX market, we want to tell our story in a way that's meaningful and memorable. We want the Ada brand to be bolder, brighter and better and to align with the value our clients realize from our brand interaction platform," said Ruth Zive, senior vice president of marketing at Ada, in a statement. "These aren't just words; we're reframing the market opportunity. Customers today don't actually want an experience; they want brands to deliver against their promise. They want to interact with brands and have their needs met. At Ada, we're looking forward to bridging the divide and bringing brands closer to the people who love them."

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