SoapBox Labs Partners with McGraw-Hill

SoapBox Labs, a speech recognition company powering learning and play experiences for children, today announced a partnership with McGraw-Hill to enhance learning experiences for children.

"Voice is the next logical evolutionary phase for technology in the modern language arts classroom," said Sean Ryan, president of the McGraw Hill School Group, in a statement. "We see its effective application in everyday life outside of the classroom. Done well, this capability generates data for immediate use by the teacher and longitudinal data for all stakeholders who care about student development over time. We enthusiastically embrace its potential and look forward to exploring the myriad of possibilities with our partner, SoapBox Labs."

SoapBox's speech technology is built specifically for children and recognizes their unique speech patterns, and processes differences in accents or dialects. The integration of speech technology with education technology now makes it possible for kids to use their voices to practice subjects like literacy, language learning, science, and math independently, as well as to search, command, and control other edtech solutions. Educators are now using voice-enabled tools to support remote and in-classroom assessments in critical areas, including early literacy development, where the use of voice data can provide a more holistic view of a student's progress over time.

"We're proud to be working with an iconic education brand like McGraw Hill to explore the application of our speech technology for kids at scale across multiple products," said Martyn Farrows, CEO of SoapBox Labs, in a statement. "We have a shared vision of how voice-enabled education tools can support teachers and provide a level playing field for kids of all ages, accents and backgrounds."

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