Voximplant Launches Avatar to Help Developers Build AI-Powered Communication Workflows

Voximplant, the cloud communications company that helps businesses integrate voice and video communication into their apps and services, today launched Avatar, an out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) service that allows developers to enhance their omnichannel communications workflows with smart automation. Avatar will be free for use as part of its beta release.

Using Avatar, developers can embed flexible NLP functionality into their communications and build smart interactive voice response systems, voicebots, and chatbots for a wide range of use cases, like inbound call automation, FAQ, interactive surveys, Net Promoter Score surveys, contact center automation, and more. Voximplant provides state-of-the-art NLP models for intent classification and entity extraction while taking care of the back end, data management workflows, and toolchains.

Previously, Voximpant provided AI capabilities for natural language processing through a partnership with the ML Dialogflow bot builder by Google. In addition to this functionality, Avatar is a full-scale and in-house solution that enables greater flexibility and offers granular control over communications scenarios. Users can even train intent classification models on their own data and any developer with basic skills in JavaScript can manage the entire process. The product is available in English and Russian, with more options, including  Spanish and Portuguese, coming soon.

"We at Voximplant believe that the next generation of CPaaS is about intelligent services mixed together with easily programmable omnichannel communication capabilities and that this brings maximum value to our existing and future customers," said Alexey Aylarov, CEO and co-founder of Voximplant, in a statement. "We will continue to build AI-powered capabilities for our platform to ensure our customers can delight their customers."

Voximplant Avatar can be embedded with omnichannel solutions built on the platform and can work with both text and voice channels.

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