Voicemod Launches Real-Time AI Voice Conversion

Voicemod, a provider of augmented voice and interactive audio, ??is releasing a speech-to-speech conversion product powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This new collection of AI voices enables users to create personalized voice avatars in real time.

Voicemod's innovation in speech-to-speech voice conversion allows for personal customization or integration of users' personalities, allowing them to decide how much of their natural voice they keep or mix. They can also add or remove accents.

The Voicemod AI voices, available now in beta, range from human voices to ones with added effects. The technology launch also contains additional voices, combining both AI and classic sound design techniques.

"We're very excited to introduce the next stage in audio expression technology to our passionate community of Voicemod users and to the rest of the world," said Voicemod CEO and co-founder Jaime Bosch in a statement. "Integrating the power of real-time AI voices into our engine, combined with our growing catalog of IP partnerships, enables a previously impossible level of customization in audio expression online and in the metaverse."

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