Native Voice, Skullcandy, and Amazon Partner on Multi-Assistant Capabilities

Native Voice, providers of an on-demand voice assistant library, is partnering with Skullcandy to allow Skullcandy's Push Active and Grind Series customers to have their devices upgraded with multi-simultaneous wake word functionality.

Native Voice's technology deployed on Skullcandy's Push Active and Grind Series will provide hands-free access to multiple branded voice services, including Amazon's Alexa. These are the first Skullcandy devices to feature both Alexa and the Skullcandy assistant simultaneously, in addition to other voice commands from other well-known vendors.

"Skullcandy and Amazon share our vision of increasing customer value by providing fast, accurate, and responsive access to multiple voice assistants on one device," said John Goscha, Native Voice's CEO, in a statement. "At the same time, Native Voice and Skullcandy are driven to provide users with the best technology available, and we're thrilled to join forces to deliver a full line of voice services, including Alexa and Skullcandy, alongside other brands' assistants, depending on a user's smartphone."

"We're excited to work with Skullcandy and Native Voice to provide simultaneous access of Alexa and Skullcandy's assistant to Push Active and Grind Series customers," said Erin Egan, Voice Interoperability Initiative lead at Amazon, in a statement. "Amazon established the Voice Interoperability Initiative to enable more customer choice and flexibility with multi-assistant capabilities, and this feature is the latest proof point of how we're delivering truly valuable voice service experiences to customers."

"We make Skullcandy products with our fans, making technology more accessible and affordable and focusing on technology that meets the needs of our active customers, whether on the mountain, in the surf, or cruising around town," said Skullcandy Chief Information Officer Mark Hopkins in a statement. "Giving our fans the freedom to enjoy their content, control their earbuds, and enable both new and existing customers to upgrade their devices' firmware to access the latest tech and features as they're developed, for free."

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