Luna's Auto-Charting Saves Time and Reduces Burnout

Luna has found that its Auto-Charting voice-enabled physical therapy charting system is helping thousands of physical therapists save significant time and reduce burnout.

Luna calculated that in 2022, Auto-Charting saved its physical therapists the equivalent of flying to Mars and back at least two times. In a traditional clinic, physical therapists spend eight to 10 minutes filling out each chart at the end of each patient session. Auto-Charting drastically reduces this time, as physical therapists answer targeted questions live over their phones, which takes about three minutes. Luna automatically generates a patient chart for approval and once signed, Luna instantly pays the therapist for the completed case.

"Voice-enabled technologies like Alexa and Siri make life easier. Auto-Charting is no different," said Ryan Gaffney, Luna's co-founder and chief technology officer, in a statement. "While the healthcare sector is experiencing widespread labor shortages, Auto-Charting helps physical therapists save a lot of time. Our technology platform enables us to attract more physical therapists than any other provider, especially with the current staffing crisis, and that's why Luna is the fastest-growing physical therapy clinic in the US."

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