Rasa Adds Generative AI to Rasa Pro

Rasa, a provider of conversational artificial intelligence technology, has integrated large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT-3, into its Rasa Pro platform.

"LLMs have been an integral part of Rasa's [natural language understanding] architecture since 2020. Over the last few years, LLMs have gone from being exciting research to being practically useful. I am excited about the new innovations that Rasa is creating to speed up the time to market and improve the conversational experience," said Rasa CEO Melissa Gordon in a statement.

This new solution helps companies create intelligent, conversational experiences leveraging large language models for handling complex, real-world interactions.

At the heart of Rasa's solution is Intentless Dialogue Management, which relies on generative AI technology. With the ability to understand user messages in context, Intentless Dialogue Management brings the power of LLMs to enterprise chat and voice assistants while retaining the robustness and controllability of intent-based systems.

"We are thrilled about the innovation the industry is going through at the moment," said Patrick Viau, chief customer officer of Rasa, in a statement. "Due to Rasa's uniquely flexible and open platform, we continue to be committed to leveraging new innovations like Generative AI, so that our customers can represent their brands best to their customers."

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