Whispp Launches Mobile Speech App

Whispp, providers of an artificial intelligence-powered speech technology that converts whispered and impaired speech into a person's natural voice in real time, today announced the public alpha launch of its mobile speech app for iOS.

People with voice impairments and those without are invited to contribute their voices and use the alpha version of the Whispp speech app to help improve Whispp's AI models.

"Losing one's voice due to illness, trauma, or old age presents a challenging and isolating experience. Individuals who have lost their voice may feel frustrated, anxious, or depressed, and it's crucial to provide them with support, encouragement, and tools that empower them," said Joris Castermans, CEO and founder of Whispp, in a statement. "As someone who stutters, I understand first hand the impact of being unable to say what you want. People can fully express themselves with Whispp and once again be understood. Whispp's proprietary AI-powered speech technology will help create a more inclusive society for people who deal with speech issues and give millions worldwide their voices back. It's something every human being deserves."

Whispp converts whispered speech and vocal cord-impaired speech into a natural voice, with the intonation and emotion the speaker intends. Users  download the Whispp app onto their phones, select a male or female voice, tap the record button, speak into their smartphones, and then press the record button again to end the recording. Whispp instantly plays the recorded message back.
Those who wish to contribute their voices to Whispp select the Contribute icon, tap to start recording, read the prompted sentences, and submit.

Additionally, speech therapists can use the Whispp app as a support tool for their patients.

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