Keen Research Launches KeenASR for Web

Keen Research, a provider of on-device speech recognition solutions, has launched KeenASR for Web, a JavaScript library that performs speech recognition locally in the browser.

With KeenASR for Web, developers can create voice-enabled web applications without the need to send speech data to third-party services or their own back end.

"Our cutting-edge technology enables developers to build powerful voice-enabled web applications that enhance the user experience and drive engagement," said Keen Research CEO Ognjen Todic in a statement. "Our mobile SDKs are already used to power various products focused on education, entertainment, augmented intelligence for front-line workers, helping people with disabilities, and many other use cases. With web application support, we see a number of new opportunities for EdTech and other companies to leverage our support for speech recognition optimized for kids' voices and use cases such as oral reading and assessment, language learning, and early education. We're excited to see what our customers will create with KeenASR for Web."

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