Xembly Launches VoicePrint

Xembly has unveiled VoicePrint, a new technology that automatically identifies participants in meetings, whether in person or remote, to facilitate automated note-taking and action-item capture and assignment.

Xembly uses artificial intelligence to detect conversational intent and speaker identity, automatically creating notes for meetings and assigning items to the appropriate attendees to complex meeting and schedule optimization.

With VoicePrint, Xembly builds on its foundation with proprietary voice fingerprinting algorithms. Xembly's blind speaker segmentation and layered voice fingerprinting technology automatically identify all meeting participants in a single audio channel. This unique voice identifier can identify a speaker to attribute notes, actions, and follow-up items during a meeting. In addition, Xembly has built this technology with enterprise-grade security that allows users to delete the video and transcript for their meetings after the summary is generated, edit or redact their summaries, or even delete their VoicePrint.

"Whether in person or over a video conference line, we all know that some of the most productive breakthroughs happen in meetings," said Pete Christothoulou, Xembly's CEO, in a statement. "Our mission is to help every employee focus on meaningful work. By tapping into conversational AI advances in voice technology, Xembly makes sure that insights and action items in meetings are accurately and automatically captured, whether online or in person, so workers can be present, purposeful, and improve decision making."

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