PH7 Adds ZapVoice to Zapshot Chat App

Tech startup PH7 has added a new feature called ZapVoice to its Zapshot chat app. ZapVoice uses artificial intelligence to mimic users' voices.

Zapshot primarily uses voice input instead of a keyboard for text messages, delivering the notification in the user's actual voice. It trains users' inputted voices in the app to create AI-twin versions of their voices. This new feature allows typed messages to be delivered as voice notifications that mimic users.

"Zapshot takes out the process of needing to type out messages on the keyboard, and instead, allows users to use their voice easily to send messages. This allows users to convey nuances and emotions that may not come across in typed out messages, creating more opportunities for closer and easier communication between friends," said Justin Liao, vice president of PH7, in a statement. "The introduction of ZapVoice adds to the variety of creative features on Zapshot, where users can simply input text and deliver it as a voice-clone notification to the recipient. ZapVoice empowers users to do efficient voice-based communication anytime, anywhere, at no cost."

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