ElevenLabs Launches Multilingual v2

ElevenLabs, a provider of voice artificial intelligence software, today launched Multilingual v2, a voice generation AI model for producing audio in 30 languages.

The advancement will allow creators to produce localized audio content for international markets.

With Eleven Multilingual v2, when text is inputted to the ElevenLabs text-to-speech platform, the new model can automatically identify nearly 30 written languages and generate speech in them. At the same time, regardless of whether a synthetic voice or cloned voice is being used, speakers' unique voices characteristics and accents are maintained across all languages.

Supported languages now include English, Portuguese, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Korean, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Greek, Czech, Finnish, Romanian, Danish, Bulgarian, Malay, Hungarian, Norwegian, Slovak, Croatian, Classic Arabic, and Tamil.

"ElevenLabs was started with the dream of making all content universally accessible in any language and in any voice. With the release of Eleven Multilingual v2, we are one step closer to making this dream a reality and making human-quality AI voices available in every dialect," said Mati Staniszewski, CEO and co-founder of ElevenLabs, in a statement. "Our text-to-speech generation tools help level the playing field and bring top-quality spoken audio capabilities to all the creators out there. Those benefits now extend to multilingual applications across almost 30 languages. Eventually we hope to cover even more languages and voices with the help of AI and eliminate the linguistic barriers to content. At ElevenLabs, we believe these leaps in accessibility will ultimately foster greater creativity, innovation, and diversity."

The technology has already been embraced across multiple creative verticals and sectors, including indie authors, video games, supporting the visually impaired, and even an AI radio channel. ElevenLabs has also partnered with a range of content creators and studios, including AI video generators D-ID, audiobook publisher Storytel, open-access science video platform ScienceCast, content creator platform TheSoul Publishing, game developers like Embark Studios and Paradox Interactive, and the media platform MNTN.

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