Deepdub Launches Accent Control

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Deepdub, a dubbing and language localization company, today released Accent Control technology that allows the accents of characters to be retained or modified when dubbing content into another language.

Many of the most memorable movie and TV personas, like Shrek, Jack Sparrow, and Hannibal Lecter, have unique accents that are inseparable from their characters. Deepdub's Accent Control technology leverages custom generative artificial intelligence models to manipulate and control the accents of characters in dubbed content.

Accent Control is powered by Deepdub's emotional text-to-speech (eTTS) 2.0 model, a multimodal large language model that supports more than 130 languages and dialects.

"Audiences crave genuine experiences, and our Accent Control technology marks a significant milestone in achieving that," said Ofir Krakowski, CEO and co-founder of Deepdub, in a statement. "It reflects our commitment to breaking down language barriers while respecting and preserving the cultural essence of content. This innovation not only enhances the viewing experience but also underscores our leadership in AI-driven localization solutions."

MHz Choice, a streaming service that brings international television to North American audiences, will be the first to leverage Accent Control.

"Our past collaboration with Deepdub has enabled us to dub numerous popular shows from around the world into English while retaining the original emotional expressivity and performance," said Lance Schwulst, executive vice president for content strategy at MHz Choice, in a statement. "Deepdub's new accent control technology is taking this to the next level. We're excited to leverage this to bring content to audiences that is unparalleled in its engaging and immersive viewer experience."

Deepdub Accent Control is accessible through the Deepdub GO platform, a virtual AI dubbing studio designed for post-production editors, or through a white-glove dubbing service offered by Deepdub's in-house post-production and localization professionals.

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