Department of Justice Rules for Accessibility in Technology

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Voiceitt, a provider of accessible voice technology, has come out in favor of the recent U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) ruling covering Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which ensures the accessibility of web content and mobile apps for people with disabilities.

This ruling can mark a significant step forward in creating inclusive digital environments for all individuals, including those with speech disabilities. It emphasizes the importance of accessibility, reinforcing the rights of individuals with disabilities to access digital content and platforms, and follows other recent legislation, such as the Communications, Video, and Technology Accessibility Act.

Voiceitt said in a statement that it recognizes the critical role that new technologies, including artificial intelligence, play in facilitating accessibility and is committed to developing inclusive voice AI solutions.

"We applaud the recent DOJ ruling as a significant milestone in promoting accessibility in technology platforms and reflecting the new realities of AI," said Alyson Pace, CEO of Voiceitt, in a statement. "Voiceitt's automatic speech recognition capabilities are uniquely positioned to ensure access for people with speech disabilities on occasions where speech is either required or may be needed to access state and local digital environments. Our API can seamlessly integrate into any website or product, making it compliant with the updated accessibility standards. Voiceitt is proud to be at the forefront of driving positive change in the accessibility landscape."

"The recent DOJ ruling underscores the ongoing progress in disability policy and highlights the critical role of integrating new technologies, like AI-driven speech recognition technology, in the delivery of critical state and local government services," said Karen Strauss, former deputy bureau chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, in a statement.

As state and federal organizations prepare to adhere to defined accessibility requirements, including potential support for speech recognition, Voiceitt said it is committed to supporting its partners and stakeholders in navigating these changes. By embracing Voiceitt's technology, partners will adhere to these new standards and demonstrate their leadership in ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in an AI-driven digital world, the company said.

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