Sensory Announces Global Expansion

SANTA CLARA, CA - Sensory Inc., a provider of embedded speech technologies announced a strategic initiative to globalize its customer and technology base. Sensory's international expansion includes the opening of its first international offices, a series of international strategic alliances, increased international language development efforts, and an expansion of its worldwide representative network. According to Todd Mozer, Sensory's CEO "Historically the vast majority of Sensory's sales have come from products sold within the US. We see a huge opportunity to grow our business through a combination of product and market expansion. Sensory has many new products being rolled out during 2002, and we have decided to take the aggressive steps to expand our global reach with these products." Hong Kong Office
Sensory's first international office was established in Q1 2002 in Hong Kong. Sensory has hired Mr. San Yuen, formerly Manager of Texas Instruments Speech Products, to manage the Hong Kong operations. The office was opened to offer technical support to Sensory's existing customers in China and Hong Kong, and to help expand Sensory sales presence into new opportunities with wireless phones, toys and consumer electronics. Korean & Japanese Partnerships
Sensory has entered into partnerships with Shinwoo of Korea and MegaFusion of Japan. These companies will act as representatives of Sensory in shared offices with dedicated Sensory sales and support personnel. International Language Development
Sensory has expanded its Fluent Speech speaker independent phonemic engine to include Mexican and Castilian Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Italian. Korean is now in development and Mandarin is expected to follow soon after. In addition, Sensory's Voice Activation Speaker Dependent has now been optimized for over a dozen languages. In the IC lines, Sensory's RSC and SC processors are now speaking in all languages, and products are now in development in Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong that are using speaker independent recognition. Worldwide Representative Network
Sensory has expanded its International representative network to now include one or more reps in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong/China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Finland, Sweden, India and Israel. According to Erik Soule, Sensory's director of marketing, "One thing Sensory has learned from creating hundreds of real applications is the importance of working closely with our customers. A high quality worldwide rep network allows us to offer better support, and interact more frequently."
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