20/20 Speech and Codeway Deliver Speech-driven Data Collection Software

LONDON, UK - 20/20 Speech, the equity venture between NXT plc and QinetiQ, has teamed up with Codeway, a company specializing in identification and data capture systems integration, to make speech technologies available as an affordable option for automated data collection. 20/20 Speech's speech-enabled software offers a solution that will improve productivity and responsiveness in eyes-busy, hands-busy environments, where the spoken word is a much easier, more efficient and safer solution than writing or touching a screen. The software is useful in a number of logistics areas; from stock management and quality control in retail distribution to process inspection in supply side operations, in addition to the many logistics applications that need to capture data with hand held and mobile computers. The speech recognition software within the system is 20/20 Speech's Aurix(r) speech technology, originally developed by the UK government for use in harsh military conditions. With a low memory and low processor speed requirement, and a unique ability to offer superior performance in loud noise, the technology is ideal for adding a speech function to a host of professional applications. To showcase the advantages of using speech recognition, 20/20 Speech and Codeway have developed demonstration software for Intermec's newly launched 700 Series colour mobile handheld computer. Intermec, a leader in the development, manufacture and integration of automated data collection and mobile computing products will demonstrate the speech software at this week's ILT2003, the key logistics event for the UK and Europe. The primary goal is to prove that eyes-free, hands-free, speech-enabled mobile computing is now a cost-effective and efficient proposition available to any business. Ian Russell, Codeway's Managing Director, says: "Speech applications are an ideal communications solution for tasks in logistics and the supply chain industry. It's an easy way of recording information, which can save a lot of time and effort, and in some cases, is a much safer option in the busy work environment where eyes and hands are often occupied with other tasks." Ian Brotherston, 20/20 Speech's Managing Director, comments: "By offering our technology on the Intermec platform, 20/20 Speech and Codeway have demonstrated that speech technology can greatly enhance the process of mobile data capture, resulting in a time and cost saving to those who adopt it." Potential applications for speech-enabled Pocket PCs, like the Intermec 700 Color, abound in a variety of industries such as retail, transport, logistics, healthcare, leisure and tourism, and any sector where speech will enable interactive data capture.
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