Syntellect's Vista Now Supports VoiceXML

Syntellect, a provider in speech-enabled self-service software solutions and hosted services, announced the general availability of Vista IMR 4.0, the newest version of its flagship product that now supports VoiceXML 2.0.

Tony Carollo, chairman and CEO of Syntellect, characterized release 4.0 as a milestone in the evolution of Vista IMR, the company's open standards-based voice processing software platform. "It is a significantly enhanced product that has, we believe, the potential to dramatically reduce contact center operating costs," said Carollo. "In addition to supporting interactive touchtone and speech-enabled applications written in Java"," added Carollo, "Vista IMR 4.0 also accommodates new applications written in VoiceXML -- all on the same platform, facilitating the deployment of integrated web and voice self-service applications. And because HTML and VoiceXML back-end integration can be shared -- eliminating the need to integrate back-ends once for a company's website, and again for its IVR -- release 4.0 offers an IT staff the ability to deliver integrated web and voice self-service applications faster, more easily and more cost-effectively than has been possible to date."

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