Stony Brook University Hospital Chooses SDC

MANCHESTER, NH - System Development Company of New Hampshire Inc. (SDC), a developer of Speech Recognition and Enterprise Directory solutions for Healthcare, announced that Stony Brook University Hospital - Stony Brook, NY, will implement SDC's IntelliSPEECH call handling solution to provide a speech-enabled directory & call processing for patients, employees and departments. IntelliSPEECH interfaces with the existing IntelliDESK PC based attendant main answering consoles. Ken Piorun, Director of Communications at Stony Brook, commented "SDC's 'Total Call Handling Solution' allows me to meet and exceed my end users' communication needs by surrounding them with effective, reliable communications options such as Speech Recognition, Operator Assistance, and Web Services directory. Our upfront VRU was abusive to the public; too may calls in-queue, too many dropped calls, and many frustrated callers. We decided to utilize speech recognition to make us more effective, efficient, and friendly. SDC 's IntelliSPEECH was the only responsible choice. With SDC, I have one vendor to manage, one database to maintain, seamless integration, and a short learning curve for training. Plus, SDC's service and support performance is impossible to beat. IntelliSPEECH will automate the routing of routine calls to a person or department, empowering my operators to fulfill their mission of providing exceptional service to callers who really need it. Internally, doctors and nurses will spend more time with patients and less time on hold." SDC's TOTAL CALL HANDLING SOLUTION is a modular, integrated suite of solutions consisting of IntelliSPEECH, IntelliDESK, and Web-Services. Powered by technology from SpeechWorks International, IntelliSPEECH is a solution that provides a telephone directory database accessible via the spoken word. Combined with a suite of directory, paging and messaging applications, the Total Call Handling Solution from SDC provides value added services and call processing efficiencies for the calling public, patients, staff and physicians. IntelliSPEECH provides callers with self-service, allowing them to speak the name of a person or department to connect their call, initiate a page, or access a portal of information. In addition, employees can change their status; update their own phone numbers, and more. Phone operators are provided with the IntelliDESK PC-based attendant consoles for directory look up and call completion. IntelliDESK provides telephony and data functionality for call center operators including Directory Look-Up, Physicians Answering Service, Message Delivery, Park & Page, Meet Me Paging, Emergency Processing and more. Both applications access a single database allowing for real-time sharing of information and a single point of administration. Erik Petersen, Director of Speech Products, Healthcare & Outsourcing stated, "Healthcare providers are utilizing SDC's TOTAL CALL HANDLING SOLUTION to enhance the quality of their call processing services, while dramatically lowering the associated costs. With 17 years of experience with clients such as Kaiser Permanente, Trinity Health, Henry Ford, and hundreds of leading provider organizations, Healthcare knows it can trust SDC." Mr. Piorun concluded: "Patient care is our primary concern; it is essential that the communication system is completely reliable. SDC is a partner I trust in achieving that goal. "
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