AVIOS Names Winners of Annual Awards

InfoToday's SpeechTEK West was held in San Francisco, February 21-February 23. Board members of the Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS), the speech industry's professional society, which holds a technology track during the show, evaluated exhibitors in several categories against carefully selected criteria for AVIOS-SpeechTEK Best-of-Show awards. The winners of the AVIOS-SpeechTEK Best-of-Show follow:

Leon Lerman Best of Show
Awarded to Spoken Translation for its Converser Translation System, designed to provide verifiably accurate, multi-media (including speech-to-speech) language translation for medical and other high-risk communication applications. 

Best Speech Application Automation
Awarded to Resolvity for their intelligent voice self-service for automatic technical support processing.  Using Artificial Intelligence, the Resolvity application represents both the user and the problem domain for automatically generating diagnostic support applications.

Best Innovation in Speech Recognition
Awarded to LumenVox for their innovative new release 7.5 of their speech recognition technology, which encapsulates language models for Mexican and South American Spanish, Canadian French, and Australian English and supports MRCP v1 and v2 under Linux.

Best Innovation in Text-To-Speech
Awarded to Loquendo for their TTS Automotive Solution, a complete speech output solution optimized for in-car telematics and navigation device manufacturers. The multi-lingual product is fully compliant with TeleAtlas and Navteq map databases.

Best Audio Search Technology 
Awarded to Coveo Solutions for its Audio Video Search (CAVS) product, which enables users to easily search across enterprise files for names and keywords in rich media content.

Best Speech-enabled Unified Communication Solution
Awarded to SimulScribe for its eponymous telephony application, which uses ASR-aided transcription to transform audio voicemail messages into email or web accessible text.

Best Innovation in Directory Assistance
Awarded to Apptera for its MobileAd Technology, enabling voice ad-insertions within in-bound or out-bound calls, thereby enabling relevant ads to free directory assistance callers.

Most Innovative Service Assessment Tool
Awarded to ClickFox, for its Customer Behavior Intelligence (CBI) solution that eliminates the guesswork needed with traditional customer measurement and monitoring, while still providing analytic benefits of working with aggregate data.

Best Speech Self-Service Application
Award to Gold Systems for its Password Reset application, a voice-powered password reset management solution that automates the process of resetting passwords in a secure, cost-efficient, and highly scalable manner.

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