VoiceMethods Presents a New Speech Recognition Product

NEW YORK, NY and St. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - VoiceMethods, an affiliated company of Ectaco Inc. presents its Health Care Translator - the first software product in the new Professional Translators line. "A large number of health care professionals from emergency room physicians to dentists interact with non-English speaking patients on a daily basis. Correct and prompt understanding of the patient is crucial when the patient's health, or even life, are at stake. To transcend the language barrier between doctors and patients, VoiceMethods created the Health Care Translator (HCT)", said VoiceMethods President Anatoly Kissen. "It should be noted that this technologically sophisticated application is highly accurate, easy to install and in addition to standard vocabularies, provides a customization option for specialists and medical technicians. The goal is to simplify interactions between health care providers and non-English speaking patients using our speaker-independent speech recognition and practical linguistic know-how", added Anton Epifanov, Ectaco's VP of Research and Development. "We at Ectaco receive many requests from various professionals for speech recognition solutions. It is not accidental that we picked health care as the field for our first professional application. Personal health is a vital aspect of human life, and medical personnel need to diagnose efficiently and accurately regardless of languages their do not patients speak", concluded Ectaco CEO David Lubinitsky. The Health Care Translator contains over 6,000 phrases and questions commonly used in interactions between health care workers and patients. The doctor says a phrase in English to the patient, this phrase is recognized, translated and is pronounced via voice synthesis in the necessary foreign language. All of the phrases in the HCT are organized into the following subject categories: - Basic Phrases and Questions - Rules and Commands - Registration - Family and Social History - General Medical Questionnaire - Specific Medical Subjects Questionnaires. HCT features: - Works on a standard Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP platform. - 6,000 commonly used phrases. - All questions are designed to receive simple positive-negative (yes/no) responses - The phrase you need may be pronounced in English or selected from a list using the Previous/Next keys. - Customized phrases and/or questions may be added. - Modules include translations into Chinese, Polish, Russian and Spanish. - Supplementary language modules may be made for any other language.
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