Genesys Receives "Most Scalable, Distributed IP Contact Center" Award

Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories received the "Most Scalable, Distributed IP Contact Center" Award for its Genesys 7 contact center suite.

The 2005 IP Contact Center Review was conducted by Miercom, a consultancy specializing in networking and communications-related product testing and analysis. Its engineers have developed methodologies for testing a range of products within the technology industry. The results were published in the August 2005 issue of Business Communications Review

IP contact centers, the article states, represent considerable added complexity over voice-only call centers. In reviewing various contact center vendor products, Miercom conducted an architectural assessment, and studied agent and supervisor interfaces, reporting capabilities and management, connectivity and unique features. Winners were selected based on architectural comparisons, interfaces and multimedia support.

"While some of our findings demonstrate that certain vendors may carry similar features, Genesys did emerge as a clear competitive leader for its open IP solution," said Ed Mier, founder of Miercom. "Genesys' market focus is unique: it offers an advanced, IP-oriented, multimedia contact center package that scales to support many thousands of agents, and runs over almost any existing telephony infrastructure. It just all adds up."

Genesys 7 includes Genesys Voice Platform, a software-only product that brings Internet technologies to the world of voice. The published results state that Genesys Workforce Management, e-mail, Web chat, co-browsing integration and screen pop are all technologically sound and conducted via a lightweight Web-based agent interface.

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