Voice Signal Refutes Patent Infringement Charges

WOBURN, MA - Voice Signal Technologies, said that claims of patent infringement by ScanSoft have no merit and are a last ditch effort to harm Voice Signal. Voice Signal indicated that acquisition discussions recently occurred with Scansoft and talks ended when ScanSoft when terms could not be reached. Voice Signal claims that after talks broke down, ScanSoft announced its lawsuit at a critical time to negatively impact Voice Signal's customer discussions.

"This case has absolutely no merit, and it is unfortunate that ScanSoft has chosen the path of using size and legal muscle to strong-arm Voice Signal, rather than developing the technology themselves or paying the fair price for it," commented Richard Geruson, Voice Signal's CEO, and former Senior Vice President for Nokia Mobile Phones in the Americas. "Voice Signal is more committed than ever to focus on meeting  customer needs and developing innovative products as the keys to market success, rather than engaging in litigation that attempts to stymie innovation," Geruson concluded.

Link to ScanSoft's article on patent suit: http://www.forbes.com/technology/newswire/2004/02/23/rtr1271502.html

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