ArialPhone Software Turns Wearable Device Into Wireless, Voice-Activated Microphone

ArialPhone introduced software that turns its ArialPhone telephone communications device into a wearable, wireless microphone for the PC.

At the same time, the company also announced a new reduced price of $199 for the ArialPhone, which features a patented, hands-free Earset design that improves standard telephone calling processes while now also allowing wireless voice computer input for PC applications.

Designed for any PC application that accepts microphone input, the new software makes the one-ounce ArialPhone a new tool that can be used for Internet calling, dictation, and speech recognition software, such as Dragon Systems' Naturally Speaking and IBM's ViaVoice. Productivity and efficiency gains are realized because the user can perform these functions while moving untethered about the home or office -- as far as 150 to 300 feet from their PCs.

"ArialPhone now serves as the ultimate power tool for those who rely on voice recognition software or Internet calling throughout their day," said Mike Wagener, President of ArialPhone Corp. "We offer a level of convenience and mobility that has simply been unavailable in a wireless mic until now."

The new wireless microphone software responds to voice commands that allow users to switch ArialPhone back and forth between telephone calls and microphone mode. To switch to microphone mode, users click the action button on the one-ounce Earset and say "OPEN MIC MODE".

Easy Voice Dictation for Microsoft Windows XP
ArialPhone's new wireless microphone software is compatible with the built-in speech recognition technology available in Windows XP. Using ArialPhone, users can dictate text into any Office XP program, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Outlook Express (versions 5.0 or later).

Pricing and Availability
Now available, the new wireless microphone software can be purchased either as a download or as a CD from the ArialPhone Web site, www.arialphone.com, for $49.95. The ArialPhone, now available at a reduced price of $199, can be purchased through the ArialPhone Web site or through leading telephony resellers across the country; at Fry's Electronics; and through direct marketers such as Hello Direct, Communitech and TechnoBrands.

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