BYOBroadcast Selects Brooktrout Technology

DALLAS - BYOBroadcast has selected Brooktrout's TR1000 speech platform for a new automated medical appointment messaging and response service. The service uses the speech capabilities of Brooktrout's TR1000 to call and remind patients of upcoming appointments and allow them to make changes via their telephone. This automated messaging and interactive voice service can save time for the office staff, help reduce missed appointments and allow the doctor to focus more on patient care.

BYOBroadcast's Interactive Message Broadcast (IMB) server integrates with the medical facilities' scheduling database and calls patients to remind them of their upcoming appointment or that they are due for a check-up. Patients can either confirm the appointment or select to be connected to the clinic to reschedule. The service can contact large groups of people and can update the scheduling records in the database. In addition, messages and response options can be modified based on whether the calls are answered by a machine or a person.

Brooktrout's TR1000 speech platform connects the IMB server to the telephone network and processes all voice and touchtone responses for use by the application. The TR1000 provides automatic speech recognition as well as a range of analog and digital call controls.

Anthony Piccione, vice president of product development, of HealthBanks stated, "We have had a long standing and successful relationship with BYOBroadcast and are excited about the prospects of this innovative new product. We will be working with selected medical practices within the HealthBanks Physician-Patient Network to test this exciting new technology and service. We believe that this new service will increase their revenue by improving the reliability and frequency of reminder calls to their patients".

"We selected Brooktrout's TR1000 for our IMB server because of its advanced voice processing and scaleable performance. The TR1000 design made it easy for us to develop a customized solution to meet the specific needs of medical customers," said Jeff Valentine, co-founder, BYOBroadcast. "Just as important, Brooktrout helped us create a highly scalable solution that we are able to offer as a hosted service or an on-premise product and, in either case, provide an attractive return on investment for our customers. For example: a clinic that sees 200 patients per day could use the Interactive Message Broadcast service to automatically confirm each appointment the day before and also place proactive calls to patients reminding them they are due a checkup. Using IMB could save them more than $140,000 per year versus traditional methods."

The TR1000 is a voice and speech processing platform specifically designed to support a broad array of speech, IVR, messaging, and conferencing applications. Ranging from two to 60 channels per board, the media platform allows systems to scale in both density and functionality.

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