Active Signal and Voxpilot Partner to Provide Voice-Driven Applications to the European Market

DUBLIN, IRELAND - Active Signal Inc., a mobile business applications company, and Voxpilot, a pan-European VoiceXML Service Provider (VSP), announced they have joined forces to provide scalable voice-driven multi-language solutions for carriers and enterprises. Active Signal's Mobile Organizer product incorporates a voice-driven communications capability, based on the VoiceXML 2.0 standard, and delivers interactive access to combined personal and corporate information to mobile professionals. Mobile Organizer provides people a system that works with their existing phones, and provides an increase in productivity and communications effectiveness. Multi-Language support allows messages in different languages to be properly heard, Multi-Site support allows for the integration of personal and business information, Multi-Mode support uses Text, Voice and Data interfaces to bring information to the customer on any device. The combination of an intuitive voice interface with Web and Short Message Service (SMS) information delivery helps people stay in touch at all times. Mobile business professionals gain access to a suite of personal and corporate information management tools that redefine the category of Personal Information Management (PIM), providing a complete mobile solution to information access. Subscribers may search, create, respond-to and forward email; look up, create, edit, delete and forward contact information; use voice-activated dialing from personal and corporate address books, receive custom alerts according to their preferences and manage their time and information using the Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Journal functions. "Active Signal's advanced mobile application provides business professionals with a complete solution to the problem of mobile information access, combining the power necessary to be fully productive, with the ease of use and performance that mobile professionals are looking for", said Dr.Jonathan Alcantara, CEO of Voxpilot. "Our voxBuilder VSP platform provides Active Signal the support for European languages, the latest VoiceXML technology, and the reliability and performance needed today - as well as the flexibility to support the addition of new capabilities in the future." Voxpilot's voxBuilder VSP a hosting service for voice applications, manages and simplifies deployment of voice-driven and multi-mode applications such as consumer information services, voice-activated dialing, voice portals and virtual attendants. Through the voxBuilder VSP's capabilities, enterprises and Network Service Providers can share hardware and software resources across a variety of different applications. "Voxpilot's voxBuilder VSP enables our customers to rapidly deploy their applications across Europe easily and cost-effectively," said Jonathan Vaughan, CEO and co-founder, Active Signal "It also enables us to add new features without requiring infrastructure changes, and to leverage expertise across multiple customer installations with minimal time and effort."
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