Sakrament Company has Announced the Availability of Sakrament TTS Engine v2.0

MINSK, BELARUS - Sakrament company, a software developer in the sphere of speech recognition and synthesis of the Russian language, has announced the availability of Sakrament TTS Engine v. 2.0 This module of speech synthesis is developed by the company on the special acoustic base with the use of sound processing algorithms that allow obtaining high quality synthesized speech and near natural sounding. The basic characteristics of Sakrament TTS Engine v2.0: - Fully compliant with the TTS Engines Industrial Standard Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) 5.1; - Able to work in telephone lines using TAPI 3; - Can be used with any application supporting SAPI 5.1 protocol; - Multilingual support. Any language may be defined as a description file with the set of rules and exceptions. At present we've created a full description of the Russian language. Description files for Belarusian, Ukrainian and English are under development; - Multivoice support. To activate a new voice it is necessary to install an additional allophone database. Such a database may be created using the customer's voice sample records.; - Accent and dialects creation feature. Using a linguistic module in one language together with the allophone database in another allows of building accents and dialects; - Control flexibility. Provides an ability to set prosodic contours for inflexion, volume level, rate and pitch of synthesized voice; - Supports a full set of SAPI Speech Tags and additional tags. - Possibility to work with text and XML files. - Automatically detects and processes numbers, time, dates, URLs, e-mails, phone numbers, contractions, abbreviations, etc. Linguistic analysis module functionality can be extended by additional text processing plug-ins; - Developed on a modular approach. Each module is independent from the others and may be used in other speech synthesis, linguistic processing and sound processing systems. The Sakrament TTS Engine v2.0 can be used in speech portals, on-line information services, electronic devices, software and hardware products, telecommunications, etc.
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