LumenVox Announces Speech Driven Information System V2.5

SAN DIEGO, CA - LumenVox, a provider of speech recognition technologies, unveiled version 2.5 of their Speech Driven Information System (SDIS), an updated version of their product. V2.5 introduces Custom Actions Programming Interface (CAPI). CAPI allows C++ developers to write their own dynamic link library (dll), to receive control over the call flow. The SDIS application will notify the specified function in the Custom Action dll with specific events. The dll can gather information or alter the behavior of the call, i.e. add audio, make additions to grammars, evaluate previous recognition, direct the caller to a new module, interface with databases or transfer the caller. This feature is being added to the SDIS. Other features include: natural language, which allows callers to speak more naturally by combining a pool of "non-critical phrases" with secondary items for further clarification; multi-level, that allows for a series of questions to be asked that is dependent on the question before; and overview, that allows for a long introductory or explanatory sound file, that can be interrupted with extended explanations, then returns to the original sound file, where the caller had left off.
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