Telisma Launches Its Densifier

PARIS, FRANCE - Telisma, a software editor specializing in speech technologies for the telecommunications sector, launches Telisma's densifier. Taking advantage of the DSR (Distributed Speech Recognition) architecture of Telisma's offer, the densifier reduces the data flow towards the ASR client by porting a set of ASR pre-processing modules onto selected telephony boards. "This breakthrough was only made possible thanks to Telisma's technology native density. The densifier illustrates perfectly Telisma's mission : to develop innovative technologies in order to promote mass market services based on vocal command. Because it lowers the costs of such services and gives our partners a real edge in confront to their competitors, I believe the densifier will participate to the massive diffusion of vocal services in the next few years." says Laurent Balaine, Telisma C.E.O. Technically, the densifier ports the following modules of the speech recognition engine directly on the telephony board:
1) the Features Extraction
2) the Speech / Noise Detection
The feature extraction module reduces the data stream (it transforms a 64 kpbs audio signal into a 5 kbps MFCC vectors bitstream). The Speech/Noice Detecture module is an efficient algorithm, especially in mobile situations, which also prevents noise from being further transmitted to the ASR client. Altogether, this porting lowers the computation and reduces by up to 80% the CPU consumption of the machine hosting the telephony board and the ASR client. The densifier is available on NMS AG4000 and CG6000 boards, and will soon be offered on NMS CG6500. "The integration of the densifier on these boards has been the result of a very close technical cooperation between Telisma and NMS. The results of the benchmarkings on CG 6000 have been very positive, showing for instance that by using the densifier on your platform, you get up to 7 times more speech resources available!" says Eric Le Flour, VP, Product Development. For the IVR providers, the densifier translates into better technical and economical performances. "It's estimated that partners will be able to save up to 30% in deployment costs and operating expenses on their platform by using our densifier. They will be able to install more telephony boards on each machine and save in hardware costs as well as installation and maintenance cost. Tests show they will also have to install 50% less machines for the ASR client" says Xavier Baudouin, Product Line Manager.
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