Voiceware announces VoiceText American English - Paul

SEOUL, KOREA - Voiceware announced that it has started sales of VoiceText American English - Paul, the male voice. Voiceware has already released VoiceText American English - Kate, the female voice last September. VoiceText supports telephony, network, multimedia and embedded applications. It has taken a large share in the Korean speech market, being supplied to more than 200 sites including Microsoft(Office XP Korean Version). VoiceText can be adopted to a specific new voice, or even a new language, through retraining the engine based on the new data, which allows system flexibility and enhancement. VoiceText provides a synthesized voice by comprehending the context through analyzing all the rhythmic information such as intonation and words spacing. VoiceText also supports a user dictionary where one can adjust company names, symbols and adopted words according to the user's preferences. In addition, other features such as pitch, speed, volume and pause can also be customized. VoiceText Chinese will be available in August , and VoiceText Japanese in November of 2002 respectively. VoiceText runs on Window NT/2000, Unix, Linux and Solaris.
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