AT&T Adds French and UK English to Natural Voices TTS

AT&T announced French and U.K. English language support for the AT&T Natural Voices Text-to-Speech (TTS) Engine.

The new languages operate on platforms from large servers to the desktop to meet the needs of developers and businesses of all sizes. The French TTS language or voice font, which is named Alain, speaks in a Parisian dialect. The U.K. English voice fonts, which are named Charles and Audrey, speak British English. These voices join others in the AT&T Natural Voices family of voice fonts including Rosa (Spanish), Reiner and Klara (German), and Mike, Crystal, Rich and Claire (U.S. English).

AT&T's Natural Voices TTS engine can simultaneously support all available languages for dialogue or multi-language applications. For example, a company offering voice portal services can support multiple languages for international customers with one AT&T Natural Voices TTS engine and multiple language voice fonts (all on the same hardware platform). Additionally, the AT&T Natural Voices speech engine can expand to accommodate new languages as they become available.

"With the addition of these new languages running over AT&T's near-human-sounding speech engine, businesses have an advanced speech-processing tool to reach a large and growing international customer base within the United States and abroad," said Lex McCusker, general manager of AT&T's Natural Voices speech products. "AT&T's reliable and flexible speech engine provides a fast and efficient solution for companies looking to incorporate new language capabilities into services or desktop applications."

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