Phonetic Sysytems Slashes Cost and Complexity of Enterprise Conferencing, Calling Cards and Messaging

SAN JOSE, C.A. - Phonetic Systems, a provider in large-scale, enterprise voice-enabled directories, announced its Enterprise Call Connection Solution. The Call Connection Solution integrates hot conferencing, virtual calling cards and broadcast messaging services with Phonetic Systems patented Voice Search Engine platform. This new suite of voice-driven applications expands the reach of solutions offered by the company while keeping in mind the need to improve security, increase productivity and control costs. For conference calling alone, Gartner estimates that large organizations of 10,000+ employees average more than $1.6 million with an aggregate of over $1.4 billion for outsourced conference calling. Highlights of the new suite include: -- Voice Activated Conferencing Enterprises can easily and securely manage reservation based, reservationless and hot conferencing processes in-house. -- Virtual Calling Card Traveling users get secure inbound/outbound dialing and the ability to leverage the enterprise phone system for conducting long-distance calls. -- Broadcast Messaging Companies can enable voice-activated messaging delivery for group communication, either immediately or at a scheduled delivery time. John Tallarico, director of product management for wireless and data services at Phonetic Systems, said: "Phonetic Systems' Enterprise Call Connection Solution enables our customers to easily and securely manage communications services internally. It also greatly improves the process through the power of voice to provide significant competitive advantage and more immediate ROI."
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