Aculab's Offers Interface to the InfoTalk-Recognizer 8.0

MILTON KEYNES, UNITED KINGDOM - In response to high customer demand from the Asia region, Aculab now offers an interface to the InfoTalk-Recognizer 8.0. It has been designed for computer telephony developers and system integrators who are building voice-enabled system applications using the InfoTalk RSVP suite of conversational speech understanding products. The InfoTalk-Recognizer 8.0 interface is a host based software package that gives developers access to the benefits of InfoTalk's speech technology integrated with the digital network access and speech processing features of Prosody. Since developers can readily obtain the interface under a cost free license from Aculab's Web site, it is easy to combine the Prosody DSP resource portfolio with the InfoTalk RSVP suite of products. This means faster time to market. A result with significant appeal for a diversity of user market players - voice platform manufacturers, system integrators, value added resellers, network operators and Internet or application service providers. The InfoTalk-Recognizer 8.0 interface is available as a file package for Windows XP/2000 operating system environments. PCI and cPCI variants of Prosody are supported and no new or additional hardware is required to take advantage of this integration interface. In addition, when Prosody is equipped with Aculab digital network access modules, developers gain access to the largest portfolio of worldwide protocol approvals. Because of the easy integration the time and effort typically required when looking to port such a technology is alleviated.
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